Viakoo delivers performance, security and compliance management for Enterprise IoT Applications and Devices. Video cameras, access control systems, intercoms, and other IoT systems typically are managed piecemeal or manually. Viakoo’s SaaS offering automates the verification of these heterogeneous systems to confirm they are working properly and are secure from end-to-end.

Enterprises literally have 1 Billion+ of these IoT devices from 100s of vendors with a virtually unlimited combination of end-to-end configurations.  In many cases an endpoint device can be functioning correctly but the IT infrastructure that supports a class of device can be down or slow, causing a problem.  For example, a video camera can be on but the video footage may not be recorded. This means it is unavailable for later retrieval causing liability and compliance exposure. An access control system may appear to be on-line until employees attempting to enter a facility are stuck outside and are unable to start working.

74% of the time service providers will send a truck to fix a problem that can be resolved remotely in minutes.  This is both expensive and risky for service providers and their customers.

Viakoo’s 500+ million hours of experience with 100s of applications and 1000s of device types ensures Enterprise IoT applications are available, performant and secure 24×7. Enterprises see value from Viakoo in minutes as Viakoo detects configurations automatically.

Viakoo is Made in the U.S.A.

Team Viakoo Leadership

Bud Broomhead Chief Executive Officer
Bud Broomhead is a serial entrepreneur who has led successful software and storage companies for more than two decades.
David Nelson-Gal Chief Product Officer
David Nelson-Gal is an accomplished entrepreneurial engineer who has led teams building patented high tech solutions for over twenty years.
Dr. Manqing Lui Chief Scientist
Dr. Manqing Liu is a renowned physicist and computer scientist who has received patents in storage and security technologies.
Bart Nanni Vice President of Sales
Bart Nanni has built and managed customer care and sales organizations, throughout his successful career delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.
John Gallagher Vice President of Marketing
John Gallagher runs marketing for Viakoo, leveraging 20+ years of expertise in product marketing and thought leadership on innovative technologies.


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