IoT Device Security Platform

The Viakoo IoT device security platform architecture is agentless and automated, with the ability to span across multiple network topologies. It is secure-by-design, with comprehensive reporting and compliance features, as well as flexible deployment options. It is also interoperable with discovery platforms and threat assessment solutions.

Agentless & automated metadata extraction refers to the ability of the IoT device security platform to extract metadata without the need for agents. This is important because it increases the ability to remediate issues, reduce the attack surface, and improves device security.

The IoT device security platform must be able to span multiple network topologies, including both wired and wireless networks. This is important because it allows the platform to be deployed in a variety of environments and provides flexibility in terms of deployment options. IoT device security platforms must be designed with security in mind from the ground up. This includes features such as encryption, authentication, authorization, and auditing. The Viakoo IoT security platform provides comprehensive reporting and compliance reporting capability.

Key Architectural Features

  • Agentless & Automated Metadata Extraction
  • Ability to Span Across Multiple Network Topologies
  • Secure-by-Design
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Compliance Features
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Interoperability with Discovery & Threat Assessment Solutions

The Viakoo Action Platform has a proven architecture with over 1 Billion hours of real-life usage. Below are the key elements of how Viakoo gathers and analyzes data, provides insights into IoT vulnerabilities and operations, and performs automated vulnerability remediation. In addition, Viakoo provides flexible options for deployment and span of control.

Agentless & Automated Metadata Extraction

The Viakoo Action Platform has an agentless mechanism for extracting real-time system metadata, and providing that data for detailed analysis with Viakoo’s Reasoning Engine. At no time is production data (such as network traffic, video or audio, or sensor output) used; instead Viakoo captures over 500 specific metadata values on a continuous basis, which is stored in a Digital Twin format.

Unlike discovery solutions that focus on network traffic, Viakoo performs application-based discovery and metadata extraction. This data allows the Viakoo Action Platform to coordinate with the applications that manage their related Tightly Coupled Devices for remediation to a secure state, verifying interoperability, and creating and tracking an audit trail for all actions.

Detailed Insights & Reporting

Viakoo is based on a Digital Twin model, where the metadata we extract in real-time creates both current and historical views of the production environment. This means you can go back across any time range, location, or type of device and have the actual production data available for reporting and analysis.

The Viakoo Action Platform goes a level deeper to give you reporting on the firmware, password and 802.1x/TLS certificate status for IoT devices.  Integrated reporting capabilities allow you to share this information with others within your organization or with auditors.

Remediation Across Multiple Locations and Network Topologies

Finding vulnerabilities is one thing, remediating them is quite another. This is where the Viakoo Action Platform shines by enabling you to perform cyber hygiene functions across your entire organization from a centralized location.

Think globally, act locally. Instead of needing people to be physically present at multiple sites and locations, Viakoo Action provides centralized 1 click vulnerability remediation for firmware, passwords and certificates. This way, you can move to compliant posture organization-wide almost instantly.

Deployment Options

Viakoo Action Platform helps maintain your compliant risk posture.  Viakoo’s user interface takes a compliance-based approach, highlighting which devices are out of compliance and need updating.  Firmware, passwords and certificates can be managed and updated from a single interface.   Unlike other one-time manual processes, Viakoo helps keep your IoT devices secure 24x7x365.

Secure by Design

Security is built in from the ground up with the Viakoo Action Platform. Our system is designed so that there is never two-way communication from Viakoo across your network; all we require is a single outbound-only port. All data across the Viakoo Action Platform is encrypted at all points on its journey. And Viakoo is certified by SSAE as SOC-2 Type 2 compliant, the highest standard of security for datacenter operations. Detailed information, including penetration testing and other compliance reports are available on request.

Patented Technology

Until now, it was just too expensive to manually track and remediate cyber vulnerabilities across thousands of devices in 100s of locations.  Viakoo’s patents on our ability to span network topologies, collection and reporting of key metrics, and other innovations enables these problems to be solved. For the first time, Viakoo Action Platform centralizes and automates the discovery, remediation and compliance of security for IoT devices. Viakoo Action Platform dramatically reduces the costs associated with IoT device security and makes the impossible not only affordable to enterprises, but so cost effective that CISO can finally close IoT device security risks at an ROI far higher than almost any other security project.