Viakoo Action Platform

Automated, agentless, scalable solution for enterprise IOT device remediation and repatriation

The Only Enterprise IoT Device Remediation and Repatriation Platform

With thousands to hundreds of thousands of IoT devices in a typical enterprise, having an automated solution to cyber security management is critical.  The Viakoo Action Platform manages all firmware updates, “zero-trust” certificate provisioning and management, and password enforcement. And Viakoo not only remediates IoT device vulnerabilities, but enables them to rejoin the corporate network as full contributing citizens.

See what Viakoo can do for you

Viakoo Action Platform™ enables IoT devices to deliver the business value you need while eliminating the threat they represent.

Agentless and Automated

Deploy, self-configure, and perform a complete range of automated management functions on all IoT devices, including those that are Tightly Coupled. The Viakoo Action Platform delivers a single-pane, real-time view of every IoT device –including medical equipment, point-of-sales systems, HVAC, building access, video security and other IP-based systems. When they fail or need firmware, certificate, and password, updates, you’ll find and fix over 80% without a truck roll, saving time and money

Zero Trust Achieved

Outdated insecure devices are a breach waiting to happen. Viakoo Action Platform ensures all devices have current network certificates such as 802.1x, and rotated passwords keep your infrastructure secure from attack.  Lock down your IoT systems and move to fully documented compliance by updating firmware, just as you’d patch servers. Close the door on easily discovered enterprise-wide device passwords in minutes.

Performance at scale

In addition to extensive support of vendors and devices, Viakoo Action Platform is easily scaled to support virtually any number of IP devices anywhere–including IP-based water sprinklers, traffic lights, hospital beds, power supplies, and even standard laptops that are critical to IoT operations.

Tightly Integrated

Viakoo Action Platform easily integrates into your management, alerting, and operations systems as part of your overall IT infrastructure. The modern web interface, mobile application, REST APIs, database, and email support ensure your extended team can maximize the value of your infrastructure investment–without becoming IT experts.

Viakoo Device Firmware Manager

Ensure IoT devices have the latest security patches with automated firmware updates at enterprise scale.

Viakoo Device Certificate Manager

Extend Zero Trust coverage to IoT devices with 802.1x / TLS / OPC-UA automated certificate provisioning and management.

Viakoo Device Password Manager

Automate verification of password policies at scale and meet standards compliance such as PCI, NERC, and NIST.