Compliance and Reporting

Reduce the Cost of Compliance and Audit

Viakoo Action helps your organization save time and money in proving compliance.

When it comes to compliance you cannot be blind to IoT device and application issues that can turn into compliance nightmares.  Whether its internal standards specific to your company, or public standards like SOX, PCI, SOC 2, and others, you need an automated approach based on scientific analysis to always be checking.  If you currently use manual methods (or even worse, opinions and guesswork), Viakoo can save you serious money and potentially your reputation.

Move to Push-Button Compliance Reporting

When auditors require information on compliance it can take significant time and effort.  Multiple devices and applications must be checked, and detailed information on their historical operation must be recorded.  This involves opening multiple consoles and manually recording large amounts of data and can take days.

Viakoo Action delivers automated tracking and data reporting of IoT device and application performance for thousands of IoT devices from many vendors at any scale.

Always Be Compliant

The Viakoo Action Platform is an automated solution that is constantly gathering data and coordinating it, triggering alerts and warnings when out of compliance behavior is detected. Additionally, Viakoo allows you to set customized thresholds so that even detailed or unique compliance requirements can be automatically tracked. 

Viakoo Action defends your reputation by ensuring that your IoT systems remain compliant and in scope. 

Share Information Easily Internally and with Auditors

Viakoo Action makes sharing compliance data on IoT devices and applications simple and straightforward.  Reports can be automatically generated and emailed within your organization to keep everyone informed.  Viakoo-generated tickets and warnings can be integrated with enterprise ticketing systems for visibility into problem resolution.  And when auditors suddenly appear on your doorstep needing data, Viakoo Action provides easy exporting of data through standard data exchange formats as well as reports.  

Viakoo Action takes care of the data reporting burden of audit and compliance.

Maintaining a Secure Risk Compliance That Goes Beyond Logs and Spot-Checks

Viakoo Action enables continual compliance status awareness, and supports alerting on specific compliance lapses anywhere within the global electronic security systems infrastructure. Accurate records enable compliance verification. Self-updating records provide an always-accurate means of verifying compliance. Manually updated records provide infrequent status snapshots, which are insufficient for verifying that compliance status is fully maintained with no lapses.  

With Viakoo, you’ll rest assured you have the information you need to manage and secure your organization.

The Next Stage: Cyber Hygiene

Proving compliance is a critical part in preventing cyber breaches, the most significant threat today for distributed IoT devices. Learn more about Viakoo’s automated cyber hygiene solutions.