Zero Trust Environment

Extend Zero Trust coverage to all your IoT devices

Implementation of Zero Trust initiatives are rapidly expanding as a valuable methodology to help organizations ensure security for their critical cyber assets. Zero Trust models are based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” restricting access to networks, applications, and infrastructure unless explicit validation is confirmed. A Zero Trust model trusts no one at each step of access continuously, without sacrificing user experience or system performance.

Typically this model has been applied to traditional IT infrastructure such as networks, applications, servers, and the like. Increasingly cyber security experts are recognizing that an organization’s IoT infrastructure – cameras, office equipment, medical devices, building controls, etc. – are vulnerable to cyber exploitation and in need of a Zero Trust framework applied as well.

Viakoo enables organizations to apply a Zero Trust model to all their IoT devices, thereby ensuring they are continuously secure and protected from cyber threats.

Below are some common questions about Zero Trust and how it might be applied to IoT device infrastructure and management.  Follow the path below to explore the answers and see how Viakoo is addressing these challenges.

IoT Zero Trust Achieved with the Viakoo Action Platform

The Viakoo Action Platform extends your Zero Trust initiative to all IoT devices, managing firmware updates to ensure the latest fixes are deployed, certificate provisioning and management, and secure password enforcement. With Viakoo you can gain confidence your IoT devices have the highest level of cyber security.

See for yourself

Watch this demo of the Viakoo Action Platform delivering Zero Trust to IoT devices with automated certificate provisioning and management.