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[av_testimonial_single src=’6990′ name=’Switch’ subtitle=’Joe McDonald’ link=’https://’ linktext=”]
Our customers demand high quality service and system performance. Viakoo’s operational intelligence helps us to be proactive and exceed their expectations.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6911′ name=’International Gem Tower’ subtitle=’Frank Drake’ link=” linktext=”]
Viakoo allows us to take preventative measures and immediate actions to reduce the risk of missing video.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6987′ name=’West-Ward Pharmaceuticals’ subtitle=’Mauricio Cruz’ link=” linktext=”]
Often we ask ourselves why video is missing,. and it becomes mission impossible.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6906′ name=’Drexel University’ subtitle=’Domenic Ceccanecchio’ link=” linktext=”]
We rely on video as a major component of our public safety program, so it has to work.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6988′ name=’Eastern Maine Medical Center’ subtitle=’Tom Vanchieri’ link=” linktext=”]
It is very comforting to know that Viakoo is hard at work.  It gives me peace of mind.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6989′ name=’Symantec’ subtitle=’Todd Vigneault’ link=” linktext=”]
Viakoo gives us visibility to video problems we would otherwise not know about.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6918′ name=’SanDisk’ subtitle=’Ed Pate’ link=” linktext=”]
Viakoo automatically verifies and documents that our physical security is always on, greatly reducing our compliance burden.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6913′ name=’N2N Secure’ subtitle=’James Connor’ link=” linktext=”]
Viakoo provided the clarity to see physical security from end-to-end.  In seeing this solution in action we believe it is a model for the whole industry, and one that can be implemented today.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6992′ name=’Arecont Vision’ subtitle=’Jason Schimpf’ link=” linktext=”]
With detailed diagnostics of video streams, Viakoo can help us create a better network platform which will benefit all our customers.
[av_testimonial_single src=’6917′ name=’Port of Long Beach’ subtitle=’Mike McMullen’ link=” linktext=”]
Using Viakoo we replaced manual and “guesses” with automation and proven methods.