Viakoo in 1 Minute

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(Intro video with Viakoo Logo, Show security camera)
(Logo Fades away and “Car Story” starts)
If you had one of these… (show nice car drive in with engine sound)
You’d want it to have a speedometer…
With a check engine light when something goes wrong
And you’d expect a computer diagnostic to tell the mechanic how to fix it
There are MILLION DOLLAR video surveillance systems
With NO speedometer
NO check engine light
And NO automated diagnostics
Viakoo solves this problem.

Viakoo is a cloud based solution that reduces video downtime, while cutting costs.
How does it work? All parts of your security video network are visible to Viakoo;
if by chance it does go down we let you know EXACTLY where the problem is.
And help direct you how to fix it.

To get more information on how easy it is visit for more information!