Physical Security Systems

Many organizations struggle to manage, maintain, and inventory their physical security systems like access control and video surveillance.

Physical security devices are rapidly growing in number, often operate autonomously 24/7, do not have corporate IT involvement, and according to multiple studies are the most successful method that cyber criminals use to hack an organization. In creating the Viakoo Action Platform we crafted a solution that addresses the key issues and major headaches that operators of physical security systems face.

Missing Video

On average video surveillance systems properly record and store video evidence about 70% of the time – leading to the pervasive problem known as missing video.  Video surveillance systems are complex networked systems, and without the proper oversight can have hidden issues that prevent video from recording properly.  Viakoo helps to eliminate the “missing video” issue.

Retention Compliance

Physical security systems typically have requirements for how long data is retained, as well as chain-of-custody requirements as evidence.  Viakoo ensures you meet your retention compliance goals with patented technology to ensure the data is exactly as you recorded it, including identifying malicious file deletions.

Rapid Problem Resolution

Avoid the “console madness” of gathering data from multiple systems, then manually trying to correlate them together to understand what happened.  Viakoo automates bringing together data from all your systems, leading to faster and more insightful problem resolution.


Physical Security often has multiple compliance standards that require data to pass audits.  Instead of manually gathering data, or not having it when needed by auditors, Viakoo gives you push-button reporting of security system operations and performance.  Viakoo’s reports and output have been certified as suitable for use in PCI audits by Coalfire.

Cyber Hygiene

With traditional IT systems there is now a long history of how cyber threats can be detected and remediated; the opposite is true for physical security systems.  In many cases hackers will use malware specially designed for physical security devices like IP cameras so the malware can perform its intended task without compromising the functionality of the device, until the hacker decides to do take the device over or cripple it.  This growing threat vector spans across many forms of cyberattack, including crypto-jacking, ransomware, and denial of service attacks.

Span of Control

Viakoo operates like you do, giving you visibility and control over your enterprise security systems regardless of where they are deployed.  Viakoo also provides role-based access, so member of your team can operate globally or just within their site/location. There is a built-in ticketing workflow making it easy to coordinate across your team – we also integrate with leading ticketing solutions like ServiceNow and Remedy.

Record of Operations

Keeping track of physical security assets can be difficult, especially as new makes and models of equipment are constantly being added. Viakoo generates push-button inventory reports so you know exactly what assets you have (and where). In addition, Viakoo can be used for lifecycle management through tracking when devices were put in service, their asset tags, and other key device information.