What is Viakoo?

Automated Verification & Management of IoT Applications

Viakoo turns almost any existing security setup into a smarter and more reliable system using machine learning and our rules engine.

Continuous autonomous diagnostics. 24/7.
Alerts with actionable information to your desktop or mobile phone.
If you have a problem, we will stay with you until you fix it.

Continuous Autonomous Diagnostics

Helps Improve Uptime

Access Control/ Video Applications, Camera Streams, Camera Devices, Recording Servers, Operating Systems, Camera Network Switches.

Tracks Retention Goals

Camera Streams, File Systems, Storage

Measures Quality

Video Stream Deliverability Index (VSDI)

Actionable Information

Tells You What’s Wrong And How To Fix It

Alerts, Advisories, and Warnings.

Up To The Minute Accurate Reporting

Commissioning Status, Inventory Report, Daily Operations Summary.

Precise System Information

Continuous self-updating reference database describing customer systems.

Viakoo Fix-it Guarantee

If you need our help, we’ll stick with you until it’s fixed.

We guarantee it.

Beyond simple vendor “self-test health checks”

Multi-vendor interoperabilityYesNoYes
Application Wide Health CheckPartialPartialYes
Application Uptime MeasurePartialPartialYes
Automated DiagnosticsNoPartialYes
Security Operations Task ManagementNoPartialYes
Frame Loss AnalysisPartialNoYes
Root Cause AnalysisPartialPartialYes
Recommendation for Corrective ActionNoPartialYes

Read expert commentary from SecurityInfoWatch on why relying on self-test health checks can fail you.

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