How Viakoo Works

No programming. No sensor hassles. No data entry.

Viakoo Automated Rules & Machine Learning Engine

Automatically collects and analyses raw IoT data, so you don’t have to.

Stay in Control

You pick the systems you want Viakoo to work on.

No Manual Configuration

Configuration is auto-discovered. (See interoperability)

No Data Entry

Things like names and topology are scanned automatically.


Automatic data collection using IT protocols; no sensors needed

No Interpretation Needed

Our algorithms interpret all the data for you.

Simple Interface

We display our analysis in a simple format.

Smartphone & Email Alerts

To the right person at the right time.

Easy Reporting

Keep tabs on your teams and the status of your entire system.

What you get with Viakoo


Viakoo Alerts are automatically generated when we detect a failure or other critical problem in your physical security system.  Alerts are urgent and critical, the highest priority information, and should be acted upon immediately.


Viakoo Warnings are automatically generated when the physical security system is headed towards a failure, and action should be taken to preemptively address the failure. Not acting on a Warning will likely lead to a near term system failure. Warnings are higher priority than Advisories.


Viakoo Advisories are automatically generated when we detect an issue present in your physical security system that is not causing failure but is a sign of your system not performing as it should. These are facts, key observations, and best practice guidelines.

How Viakoo Works

Interested in the cloud-based solution?

Interested in an on-premises solution?

Getting Started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Download and install our agents using Windows Install Wizard
  2. Follow the setup procedure
  3. Trigger an initial transmission to the Viakoo Data Center

That’s it, you’re done!

In the time it takes for you to go have a coffee, Viakoo will be hard at work and you can come back to see actionable information on your desktop or mobile phone.


Key features

Proactive Alerts

The Viakoo Proactive alerts allows you to stay on top of problems and recover quickly from critical component failures. Receive alerts right to your phone as soon as they happen.

Preemptive Advisories

With the Viakoo Preemptive advisories, get in front of issues before they become problems. Or worse, before your customer finds out.

Retention Compliance

Ensure that you are achieving retention compliance with our patented retention oriented features like storage pattern histograms, alerts for stream based retention, and a quality of service metric.

Inventory & Status Reports

Access a number of reports to compile system-wide inventory of assets, status of assets, and operational performance. All at a click of a button.

Performance Flow Charts

For a deep dive analysis, take advantage of some advanced diagnostics tools to charts device performance over time and to correlate events for advanced troubleshooting.

Ticketing Workflow Management

Stop relying on spreadsheets and email. Leverage a built-in workflow to manage your tickets in-app and generate historical data about issues.

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